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Nursyabani Purnama


This study aims to identify the dimensions and quality attributes of mobile telecommunications services that need improvement in order to support the achievement of customer satisfaction. The object of this study is the Service of PT Indosat Tbk Yogyakarta. The instrument used in this study is a modified SERVQUAL questionnaire, namely: tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, empathy, assurance, network aspect, and convenience. The population in this study is that consumers who have used the services of mobile telecommunications PT Indosat Tbk. Model of service quality improvement used in this study was adopted from model of Importance-Satisfaction (I-S). The results of this study showed that the quality of mobile telecommunications services in need of improvement is the convenience and reliability, while the dimensions of service quality that are in the good position is tangibles and network. The results of this study have practical implications for mobile telecommunications service providers in improving service performance and improve customer satisfaction. Keywords: service quality, customer satisfaction, SERVQUAL modifications, the model of Importance-Satisfaction.

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