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Implementasi Non Financial Performance sebagai strategi menghadapi MEA pada UMKM

Uswatun Hasanah , Faidal , Saniman


The development of the world economy is now increasingly lead to the process of globalization and the increasing opportunities of economic relations between nations. This of course requires the ability to compete in both the domestic and world markets. Especially for small and medium enterprises need to implement a strategy that is able to compete, given the results of AFTA (Asean Free Trade Area) since January 1, 1993 it was agreed that the tariff / duty trade between ASEAN Countries was lowered to 0-5 percent over a period of 15 years.
The formation of AFTA led to the ASEAN economic integration agreement and confirmed the formation of the ASEAN single market. The goal is to create an integrated market among ASEAN member countries so that production is directed by exploiting the advantages of each ASEAN member countries.
One strategy is to compete in the face of AFTA implementation of non-financial performance, in order to provide the best value for the company it is necessary to carry out continuous learning with non-financial performance measurement that includes all the activities of companies such as operational, and staffing keinovasia. In other words, the company is not able to optimize the performance of the company without regard to non-financial performance.
Keyword : Non-Financial, Performance, Strategy, MEA

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