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Supply Chain Manajemen dan Pemberdayaan UKM: Strategi Menghadapi Asean Economic Community 2015

Heriyanto , Dina Mellita


Dealing with Asean Economics Community 2015 (AEC 2015), business actors must be prepare for free trade zone area. Nevertheless for the owner of Small Medium Entreprises (SMEs). The owner or manager of SMEs is to forced to create good quality, innovative, creative and dynamics goods and services. In order to reach that goal, one of the strategy is to develop empowerment of SMEs through Supply Chain Management. This paper aim is to analyze the implementation SCM in SMEs. The object of this reseach is Palembang’s SMEs. Using qualitative method and in depth interview to the owner of Palembang SMEs, the paper analyzes SCM Model that has been implemented in Palembang SMEs. Specifically, every tier in SMEs’ SCM will be displayed in detail from the raw material until it has been distributed to consumer. Then, it will conclude the apropriate strategy for Palembang SMEs handle the AEC 2015.
Keywords: Asean Economic Community, Supply Chain Management, SMEs empowerment

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