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Lena Ellitan


This research investigate resources management in SMEs in Indonesia, which is carried out through two stages of the research, those are based on the theory by testing hypotheses and conduct further exploration of these findings with a qualitative approach. In the first, this study test and analyze the influence of business strategy on the relationship between resources and performance of small and medium scale enterprises in Indonesia. From the results of the hypothesis testing, this study found (1). Resources has positive influence on both the performance indicators, indicating that performance can be improved by adopting Advanced Manufacturing Technology, skilled workforce, natural resources and apply Quality Management practices and integrated all those resources simultaneously. (2) the findings related to the moderating role of the partnership is that the effect on profitability of material resources and better operational performance at a low level of partnership, but the influence of management practices is higher in conditions of high-level partnership. (3). related to the correlation between the measurement of performance of this study found that the relative performance of the company compared to the average industry positively correlated with growth. In the second step of this research is carried out by in-depth interviews about the role of resource management objectives and resource factors that support and become an obstacle to resource management in SMEs. The second step of this study resulted in some major findings: (1). all the companies considered that the general purpose is the management of organizational resources for short-term orientation and relate it to the operational aspects of the company. Only a few viewpoints that relate to their long-term strategic aspects of the organization such as growth, expansion and long-term survival. (2) the factors supporting resource management is primarily built relationships and partnerships with suppliers. (3). weaknesses in the management of human resources is the bottleneck resource in addition to the price volatility of resources, lack of technology and capital.
Keywords: enterprise resource, company performance, growth, resource management, inhibiting factors, contributing factors and Business partnership

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