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Fatwa Zuhaena


Women workers have a special position in the labor system in Indonesia. As the
female labor workers have an obligation to carry out his duties as labor. As a
housewife, women workers acted as housekeeper at his home. This problem makes
the double workload for women workers. Her exixtance often accused of actually
increasing the number of labor so consequently labor is getting cheaper by the
many labor.As labor, freedom of association and assembly are guaranteed in the
Constitution of 1945. The union became an important presence for this
organization into a container aspirations of the workers and as a means of labor
struggle. As trade unionists, women's aspirations are very necessary to be
accommodated and fought through the union. Only machismo also extended to the
trade union organizations that sometimes women are underrepresented in the labor
unions.This problem is very necessary to find a solution for such conditions which
will be more protracted plunge women into masiv and systemic oppression. Long
term, this condition will damage the social fabric of Indonesian society.
Key Word : Labour, Woman, Organization

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