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Service Value dan Pengetahuan Lingkungan sebagai variabel Anteseden Kepuasan terhadap Niat Menggunakan Transportasi Umum

Heru Purnomo, Haryanto Haryanto


Today, the increase of air pollution is effected by using private transportation as
one of global issues including in Indonesia. This study aims to analysis service
value and environment knowledge toward re-use intention of public transportation.
The consumers of Batik Solo Trans (BST) were respondents of this research. This
study using purposive sampling method with purposive sampling method criteria
was consumers who intend to become passenger again. There was 297 participants
that completed the questioner. After testing with SEM GeSCA, the result showed
that environment knowledge does not effect on satisfaction (CR:1.34) but service
value influences satisfaction ( CR:14.48) and also influences the Re-Use Intention
(CR:3.32). Finally, the satisfaction effects to Re-Use Intention (CR:2.08). That
results indicate that citizens do not consider about environment yet but would prefer
on transactional area specifically related to public transportation.
Keywords: Service Value, Environment Knowledge, Satisfaction, Re-Use Intention

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