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Peningkatan Kepercayaan Masyarakat Pada Rumah Sakit Milik Pemerintah Melalui Perbaikan Sistem Penyampaian Jasa

Alisa Tri Nawarini


The aims of this research is to analyze: 1) the correlation of physical support and
contact personnel, 2) the effect of service delivery systems that consist of physical support
and contact personnel to hospital consumer trust’,
This research is a quantitative research. This research is descriptive and verivicative
research with descriptive and explanatory survey methods. Type of investigation in this
research is causality with time coverage is cross sectional. Sampling method used in this
research is multistage sampling by taking four public hospital in Banyumas residence with
100 hospital consumers’ as respondents (patients and their family). Data analysis methods
used in this research are descriptive analysis and multiple regression analysis.
The research results show that: 1) Physical support correlate to contact personnel,
2)physical support affecting consumers’ trust, 3) contact personnel affecting consumers’

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