Analysis of Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty of Modern Cooking Technology

Ainur Yanni, Rahab Abrar, Weni Noviandari


Changes in people's lifestyles regarding modern cooking technology are starting to enlarge in society, this can be seen by the increasingly literate people of the need for household tools or modern cooking tools. Modern cooking utensils can add value to consumers; not only functional values related to product quality, but also emotional values such as prestige and a sense of pride in using modern products to complement their home.

This study aims to analyze the effect of perceived product quality, perceived service quality, brand image and warranty on customer satisfaction, and the impact on consumer loyalty. The population in this study were all users of hobs in Purwokerto. The sample size in this study was 130 consumers. Convenience sampling method is used in sample selection. The analytical tool used in this research is multiple linear regression method

The results of the analysis show that the perception of product quality, perceived service quality, brand image and warranty have a positive effect on customer satisfaction. Furthermore, customer satisfaction has a positive effect on consumer loyalty. The managerial implication of this research can be used as a reference regarding the development of a marketing strategy for modern cooking tools so that it can meet needs, wants and provide satisfaction to consumers, and ultimately build consumer loyalty.

Keywords: perceived product quality, perceived service quality, brand image, warranty, satisfaction, loyalty

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