The Effect of Brand Equity on Brand Loyalty, Mediated by Customer Satisfaction

Aldannisa Wilona Kaulika, Agus Suroso, Larissa Pradisti


The globalization of information technology has changed product marketing in the hijab fashion industry in Indonesia. Consumers seek personal pride and satisfaction in addition to product functionality. Companies need a strong strategy as a market leader. Means-End Chain (MEC) analysis helps understand the relationship between products and consumer goals such as satisfaction and loyalty. Brand equity, brand loyalty, and customer satisfaction are important in building consumer loyalty. The results showed a positive and significant influence of brand equity and customer satisfaction on brand loyalty. The study also reviews the success of Linda Anggreaningsih, a hijab fashion entrepreneur with the Buttonscarves brand in Indonesia. Further research can explore her success factors in local and international markets. By understanding the relationship between brand equity, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty, companies can compete more effectively in the hijab fashion industry.

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