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Trisnawati Trisnawati, Dina Mellita, Andrian Noviardy


This study aims to mengetahuit Banking Perspectives in the city of Palembang in
green microfinance one financing in enhancing the empowerment of SMEs in the
city of Palembang. Microfinance, or better known as micro-finance or micro-credit
or also known as the capital is a software program that earmarked funding for the
poor and disadvantaged to grow their business. The study was conducted using
qualitative design through FGD with banking institutions which have implemented
the credit financing to improve the empowerment of SMEs in the city of Palembang.
Based on the recapitulation of FGD with the banking side to the increased
empowerment of MSME products that are environmentally friendly, that the bank
has been run and proactive towards environmental programs are encouraged by
the Government as one of the social responsibilities that are described in an earlier
study by Bansal and Roth (2000), known as Model of ecological responsiveness in
microfinance (Model responsibility Ecology in microfinance) by outlining the three
main functions of legitimacy (stakeholder pressure), competitiveness (strategic and
economic benefits), and social responsibility. Banking institutions are expected to
run the program financing to MSMEs provide education that the resulting product
can be based go green to produce environmentally friendly products.
Keywords :green microfinance, environmentally friendly, financing

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