Bambang Setijawan, Nurul Anwar, Suharno Suharno


The purpose of this research is to analyze how much the dependency of the Cilacap Regency Government is to the Central Government, and the level of effectiveness and contribution of Regional Owned Enterprises to raise local revenue of Cilacap district. That the main nature of Regional Owned Enterprises is profit-oriented and provides services and organizes public benefits or carries out dual functions that must be guaranteed balance, namely social functions, and economic functions. Fulfillment of Regional Owned Enterprises's social functions can go hand in hand with the fulfillment of economic functions as legal entities aimed at earning profits. Furthermore, the share of net income after tax in the Regional Government-Owned Entity which is the Regional Government Right in the form of dividend is set at 55% of the net profit after the Regional Owned Enterprises whose capital is owned by the Cilacap Regency Government whose provisions are regulated by the Regional Regulation on each Regional Owned Enterprises and the composition paid-up capital for Regional Owned Enterprises which is partly owned by the Cilacap Regency Government. The Regional Owned Enterprises owned by the Government of Cilacap Regency amount to 9 (nine) Regional Owned Enterprises: Central Java Bank, Wijayakusuma Semarang Industrial Zone Company (Persero), Semarang PRPP Company, BKK Cilacap Regional Company, BKK Regional Public Company, Tirta Wijaya Regional Drinking Water Company, Grafika Indah Printing Company, Cahaya Husada Company, and the Cilacap Industrial Estate Company. Data used is secondary data. Analysis technique using the ratio of effectiveness and the ratio of contribution. The author takes the Regional owned enterprises and local revenue of Cilacap district data of 7 (seven) years from 2012-2018, which is processed simply using the Microsoft Excel program. The result shows that the ratio of effectiveness and the ratio of contributing to local revenue show a fairly good measurement, this can be seen from the percentage value.


Keywords: 1 Regional Owned Enterprises · 2 Local Revenue · 3 Contribution · 4 Effectiveness · 5 Ratio of Contributed

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Minister of Home Affairs Regulation Number 13 of 2006 concerning Guidelines for Regional Financial Management

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Cilacap Regency Government, Regional Regulation Number 8 Year 2008 concerning Grafika Indah Printing Company


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