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Jati Waskito, Banu Witono


This study aims to develop the results of previous research, as follows: 1) design and test a model of consumer perceptions (that have mapped in the year-1 a comprehensive review of the eco-friendly product 2) analyze the factor (i.e. environmentally friendly corporate image, perceptions of environmentally friendly product, product labels, and government regulations) that influence purchasing decisions based on eco-friendly product design and testing result on the model 3) identify the most important factors considered by consumes through model testing comprehensively, so as to provide empirical evidence for importance of environmentally sound marketing strategy implementation.
The results of the field survey respondents managed to get 293 people who are willing to participate. The conclusions of the study are 1)The proposed research model in this study may represent a comprehensive picture of people’s perception of the perception of environmentally friendly product 2) Variable regulatory, corporate image, and product perceptions significantly to shape the public perception of the eco-friendly product 3) Variable corporate image is the most importance element in shaping public perceptions of environmentally friendly product

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