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Mahra Arari Heryanto, Yayat Sukayat, Dika Supyandi


Until now some invention called as an innovation if already reach commerilization level done by the industry, no matter what the product will be good for people or not.In Agrobusiness sector, commerilization is not enough, an invention called as an innovation if the invention can give good influence for people. This day we still meet a technology that produced stopped at commerilization by industry level, doesn’t give good influence for farmers. Unability to access the techonolgy especially for small scale farmers make technology transfer become not stagnant, so the farmers productivity not developed well. Many programs that researched by government organization, research organization, and school organization in introducing technology to help small scale farmers don’t give a good result. After introduction program finished the technology become an unuseful artefact. Since Green Revolution till now, stagnation innovation in Agrobusiness sector more happened on small scale farmers then big farm business. Limited from economy and human resources aspect become main problem for small scale farmers to developed their business. Complexicity stagnation innovation problem in agrobusiness sector will be extracted with thinking system methodology. How stagnation innovation agrobusiness can be pictured in some model that made cause-caused structure in real world. And then will be made some design to solve the stagnation innovation problem so innovation system can run better sustain.

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