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Meutia Karunia Dewi, Novita Kurniawan, Kiky Sri Rejeki


Emotional intelligence has become an interesting discussion in organizational
behavior field since it was introduced in 1989. A lot of researches have proven that
this type of ability is important in shaping someone’s attitudes and behaviors.
Nevertheless, only few studies have inquired the effect of emotional intelligence on
how good or bad people’s attitudes and behavior. Thus, this research try to find out
the connection between emotional intelligence and moral reasoning. The
participants of this research are 149 Management and Accounting program
students of Economics and Business Faculty in Jenderal Soedirman University.
Furthermore, we also investigated the effect of ethical instructions in business
ethics class on students’ moral reasoning to see how effective. More explanation
about our result and implications are followed at the end of this article.
Keywords: emotional intelligence, moral reasoning, ethical instruction

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